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celebrating women in the arts

At Made By Women, we produce affordable and accessible zines about women from art history. Each issue is illustrated and designed by contemporary women artists. The zines teach you about their life and their work in a way that doesn't require any previous art historical knowledge.



Zines about women from art history, illustrated and designed by contemporary women artists.



Reviews of the Zines

"I've recently purchased issues 3 through to 6 and now have the complete collection! I can highly recommend these zines, they are well researched, balancing historical background, art theory and art analysis. In short they are zines that are both accessible and enriching!"

Mayanne on Etsy

"This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The zines are very good quality both in form and content. A very educating work, beautifully illustrated (don't hesitate to check the artist's work!) and made by a passionate person. Recommend to everyone."

Sarah Cerange on Etsy

"I bought these as a present for a friend who is an art and graphics graduate, I am so pleased with them! Lovely books, very informative and so easy to post to a friend far away. Thank you!"

Karol Male-Clewley on Etsy

"I love these zines! Beautiful illustrations and fascinating research about women artists I've often not heard of."

Harri on Etsy



Contemporary Women lllustrators

Thanks to our talented illustrators, each issue of the zine has a unique look with illustrations made specially for that issue. Read on to learn more about them.



"I like to make fun, colourful female imagery in my illustration, and I mostly focus on plus-size and body positive subject matters. My illustrations are mainly made digitally or through relief printing."


"I am a graphic designer and illustrator, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, but have always loved drawing, painting and reading books. So, that's what I do today: I draw and and I design books.
I started studying traditional media, such as watercolor, pencil, charcoal and graphite. Nowadays I mostly use digital media, but always like to go back to these traditional media eventually.
In my drawings, I like to transmit feelings and sensations through colors, light and texture. I believe that the things you see and consume, the places you go and the people you meet in your everyday life are the best inspiration to create and to draw."


"My practice Is heavily inspired by trends in surface pattern and textile design as well as popular culture, fashion and everyday musings. I enjoy working with bright colour palettes and I often show narrative through female characters that i feel are relatable to myself and/or others around me. My illustrations are mostly hand drawn in Ink and then coloured digitally and I enjoy showcasing my work in the form of short run comics and poster zines."


Stuti Uniyal is an Indian illustrator, accessory designer, photographer and a part-time farmer residing in Haryana, India. Hailing from the hills, Uniyal finds a constant source of inspiration from nature and believes her artistic practise is at the root of a happy life. "When you create something, you are giving back something to the world". Her work also portrays daily life and stories related to contemporary issues and brown culture representation. Fashion and trends also hold a special place in her illustration work. She spends most of her day creating, sipping on tea, exploring vegan recipes and brainstorming ways to spread across awareness towards sustainable living.

Instagram: @stewtea @aleafaloof


+44 7411325996

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