Hello! My name is Laura and I am the Founder of

Made by Women. I currently do all of the research

and the writing for each of the zines, and I also

deliver workshops and talks on topics related to women in the arts.

I graduated from the University of York in July 2019

in BA History of Art, during which I started making these zines about women artists I'd discovered

during my studies. I felt that there were many

women and queer artists who were being ignored or forgotten about during the course of Art History. I wanted a way to share all of my research that was easy to read, and accessible in cost, and I have been a fan of zines for a long time, so it made perfect sense!

Each of the zines are researched using academic

texts and articles, and I try to keep the language as straightforward as possible, so you don't need any

pre-existing art historical knowledge to understand them.  

India Minter is a designer who specialises

in image creation and illustration. India is passionate about feminism and gets involved in any opportunity to celebrate other women and their art. India's work involves a variety of mixed medias including screenprinting, lino cutting,

hand crafting and a range of digital creations. Her instagram is @indiaminter

or you can email her at




Contemporary Women Illustrators

Thanks to our talented illustrators, each issue of the zine has a unique look with illustrations made specially for that issue.

Here is a list of all the illustrators that have featured in our zines and their instagram handles for you to check out their work.

Issue One
Rachael Siddall
Issue Four
Syada Yunos
Issue Four
Alice Buckingham
Issue Seven
Olivia Wilson
Issue Seven
Ali Durman
Issue Seven
Amy Ryan Brew
Issue Seven
Tillie Crawford Miller
Issue Two
Fernanda Peralta
Issue Four
Mirna Rajakovic
Issue Five
Stuti Uniyal
Issue Seven
Alice Buckingham
Issue Seven
Hayley Wells
Issue Seven
Rachael Siddall
Issue Seven
Jessica Sharville
Issue Three
Ceara Coleman
Issue Four
Brooke Morgan
Issue Six
Mahalia Curtis-Lundberg
Issue Seven
Megan Dobbyn
Issue Seven
Zoe Jackson
Issue Seven
Issue Eight
Laura Elise Wright
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