Louise Bourgeois from Issue 7, Illustrated by Rachael Siddall @rachaelsiddall


Zines are small, paper booklets that document creativity, thoughts, information and anything else from personal issues or political discussions. Zines are often made as an outlet for creativity, as a network tool, and as a form of cultural resistance and political critique. 


Made by Women Workshops explore zine-making as a political tool in the women's liberation movement, with a

focus on women in the arts. We look at how zines have

been used by feminist and queer activists in the past and in the present day. The workshops have a focus on zine culture within women's art history and look at some

examples of zine-making as an artistic practise.


We provide materials to create your own zine, as well as a selection of feminist zines for participants to enjoy and take inspiration from throughout the workshop. 


Workshops can be tailored to your group/organisation's interests, and can be either 1-2 hours or full or half days. If you would like to know more, or book a workshop, then head to our contact page or please email us at info@madebywomen.co.uk

Louise Bourgeois from Issue 7 - Illustrated by Rachael Siddall @rachaelsiddall

"If we didn’t have zines, then all we’d have is glossy magazines with populist content made by people with lots of money. Alternative and independent media is VITAL for any social change and movement. Grrrl zines are especially important because we live in a world where male voices reign supreme and strong, independent, feminist women’s voices are few and far between."


- Kelly, editor of Pretty Ugly, published by Kelly and the Pretty Ugly Collective

Previous clients include:

Norfolk Museum Service

Norwich Millennium Library

Literature Works

Kick the Dust


Festival Bridge (Norfolk & Norwich Festival)

Creative CoLab

Young Norfolk Arts

How To Make A Zine!

A quick video showing you how to make a simple zine using an A4 piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

This video was commissioned by Kick the Dust during the Covid-19 lockdown, to engage young people in artistic activity at home.

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